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Q. What information is required to quote? 
Usually, all that is required, are Propsed ELevations and a Site Plan, and a short brief of what is requried and what you are trying to achieve. At this stage we may also suggest what else can be achieved, and a cost efficient way of going forward with the Project. 
Q. How much do cgis cost? 
Every job is different, but you can be sure of competitive pricing and a first class service. 
It is usually cost efficient to include extra views of a project, for example. an Aerial view or street scenes, as this brings down the unit cost due to the model having already being prepared. 
Q. How long do they take? 
This obviously depends on size and complexity of project. For a typical single housetype view, these can be turned around within a week or so. A more complex job, of many housetypes, Street scens and Aerials, then this maybe around 2-3 weeks. 
Q. What Information is requried to proceed with an image? 
As much information as you have! 
The basics, would be Plans, Elevations and a Site Plan, together with an external materials schedule, Panting layout and External Works drawing. Certain detail drawings/Sections may also be required. Preferbaly supplied in AutoDesk .dwg format, but PDF's are often acceptable. 
Q. What is the process? Can I change the views? 
Initially, once costs approved and given the go ahead, you will be supplied initially with low detail greyscale views. These are purely for view approval. At this stage you can tweak the views until you are happy. The next stage would be a coloured first draft. You may have some small amends at this stage to be carried out. Once happy a high resolution image will be supplied. 
Q. Can I place my new building into a photograph? 
Yes. Often for planning purposes this is the best option. The process is very similar to above, but we will carry out the Photography, and provide a selection of photographs initially for you to decide, and then the process is exactly the same as standard cgis. 


Q. Do you need a permit or license to fly? 
The CAA provide a document for Permission to fly for Commercial Operations. Every commercial Drone operator must have this document which needs to be renewed each year. Our document is current and can be shown on request. We are also registered with "The Drone Safe Register", which lists approved current registered Drone operators. 
Q. Can you fly anywhere? 
There are certain restrictions on where you can and cannot fly, depending on the Location. There is usually a safe and Legal way to fly in most situations even if it means seeking extra permissions from the relevant Authorities. 
Q. What if it rains? 
The Drones cannot fly in the rain, so if the weather is not looking promising, then an alternative time/date will need to be arranged. 
Q. Do you need/have insurance? 
As a commercial operator, yes, insurance is required. RG Visuals fly with £5m liability insurance. 
Q. How long can you fly for? 
We can fly up to 20-30 minutes depending on which Drone we use. With the setup we have, we are set and ready to fly for up to 3 hours! 
Q. What do you need to quote? 
A short brief of what you are trying to film/photograph. We also require the site Location, and also information, such as whether there will be people present at the site on the day. We would then do our own risk assessment before confirming we can go ahead safely with the flight. 
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